Ras Al Barr Development
Waterfront Living

An Island Within an Island

In the 20th century, Bahrain was known as the archipelago of 33 islands. However, island land reclamation projects have increased the number of islands to at least double that amount, and growing. The interesting thing about Bahrain's coastline is that so much of it is inaccessible for various reasons. With these waterfront projects, an opportunity is afforded to those whom can afford it, to live on the waterfront. In a sense, an island destination is created within an island. Ras al barr resort represents such a project.


Variety Within Modularity

In developing a large master plan, one wishes to accommodate the different requirements of people, yet within a simple and effective system. In ras al barr’s master plan, a unit system for the plot widths was developed, whereby multiples of that unit created a plot dimension and a villa type. The modular unit of the plot distribution allows for plot distribution in as many ways as practicable, giving the master plan's owner the flexibility to update his mater plan quickly based on market demand.